Zebra Marketing Solutions helps small businesses get more leads so they can close more sales. In today’s internet-driven world, digital marketing is the most effective, and cost-effective solution for small businesses.

What is “Inbound” Marketing?

Our definition of inbound marketing is “the process of helping potential customers find your company—often before they are even looking to make a purchase—and then turning that early awareness into brand preference, and ultimately, into leads and revenue.”

54% more leads are generated by inbound (digital) tactics than traditional paid marketing.

2X as many marketers say inbound delivers below average cost per lead than outbound (traditional, direct mail or print) methods.

$20K is the average companies save per year by investing more in inbound marketing vs. outbound.

Today’s buyer is in control

Gone are the days that a marketer only relied on outbound techniques like trade shows, cold calling, and advertisements to get leads. Today’s buyer is in control. According to Forrester, buyers seek out three pieces of content about a business for every one piece sent by a marketer, and for every one piece sent by sales.  Because of buyer self-education, you need to be heard through the noise and come up with new ways for leads to find you. In today’s world, you need a solid plan for inbound marketing in order to truly amplify your lead generation impact.

How do I get more leads?

You need to create interest by offering a relevant mix of informative and entertaining content that builds a meaningful relationship with your audience. And you have to make sure that you are distributing your content through all the right channels – where your buyer spends time.  These include your website, content and SEO, social media, email marketing and blogging.

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