Before we get on the phone to talk about your business, I need to know you’re serious… so you must complete all the questions on the booking form.  Click HERE to book your FREE strategy session! 

In my experience people will do one of two things after arriving on this “CHAT WITH THE EXPERTS” page…

1) They won’t complete the questions – which is perfectly okay with me – because if they can’t take 5 minutes to complete a few questions about their business, then I can’t give up my time to chat with them on the phone.


2) They complete the questions – then book a date and time into my online calendar. We then talk together about their business and see what they need help with the most.

So we are both clear – my process at this point is:

Step 1: You complete this questionnaire.

Step 2: You then indicate a date and time slot that will work for you.

Step 3: We chat about your business on the date and time you booked.

Step 4: After that I will present you with a plan for moving forwards.

Step 5: If you accept the plan, we work together – if not we can still be friends!

All fields in the form are mandatory to complete.

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Chat soon!
Laura Kamrath, Zebra Marketing Solutions